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Privacy policy

ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. (hereinafter "ACTIVA") wishes to inform you in a transparent form, through this Privacy Policy, about all the processing we perform with your data, the purposes for which we make such processing and the rights that you as user may exercise on your personal data, as well as the time during which we will keep your data. We hereby inform you that accessing our Website gives you the status of User. As User, you declare that you have the necessary legal capacity to fully understand and accept the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Cookies Policy.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy learning about the services offered by ACTIVA.


This Privacy Policy regulates the use of the website http://www.activa-ac.com (hereinafter "the Website"), held by ACTIVA Auditoria & Consultoria, S.L.P.(hereinafter ACTIVA).

The person responsible for the processing is ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. registered in the Registry of Companies of Barcelona, Volume 40.196, Page 218, Sheet B363491, with Tax ID (NIF) No B64702665 and registered office at Avda. Roma 157 , 08011 Barcelona, GDPR@activa-ac.com.

Users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, to the extent that this may be applicable to them.

As a User, whenever you provide us with personal data, you are obliged to ensure that such data is true, accurate, complete and up-to-date. By providing us with your personal data and / or information, you guarantee that the data you provide us with will respond to your true identity and that it is up to date, true and complete at the time you provide it to us. Users shall be responsible for any direct or indirect damage or harm that may be caused to ACTIVA or third parties arising from the User’s failure to comply with the obligation to provide truthful, accurate, complete and updated information.

ACTIVA will not share any personal data without the prior consent of party concerned, except for the necessary communications that must be carried out to comply with the request sent by the User, limiting this communication to the purpose that justifies it.


Data identify or allow to identify a person. For example, the data that can identify a person directly are the name and surname, while the ID (DNI) number can identify a person indirectly. Personal data includes information such as mobile phone, email address, date of birth and gender among others. You could also include numeric identifiers such as your computer’s IP address, and the information obtained through cookies.

Personal data processing is any operation or set of operations that we perform on your personal data, such as, for example, the collection, registration, conservation, use and communication of your data.


To execute the data processing specified in this Privacy Policy, we need certain information about you. This is why we collect the information you provide us through the different interaction and communication channels such as, the information and contact request forms, subscription to the newsletters forms, corporate profiles in social networks, etc.

The data we may collect through the above channels are your name and surname, company name, sector, mobile telephone number, email address, the answers you give us in satisfaction surveys or product ratings, shipping address when it does not match your home address, your social network profiles (in the event that you consent to share this personal information with us), information about your use and browsing of the Website (web page from which you arrive at the Website, layers of the Website visited, processes initiated and abandoned, IP address, type of device from which to access, Internet browser used, time you have remained on the Website, etc. ), we also store a "session ID" corresponding to an internal code that identifies you as a user, your experience, your job, etc.


You do not need to register on our Website to be able to enjoy and learn about all the services we offer at ACTIVA. We only collect and process information that you provide us through the following channels:

  • Contact forms: where you provide personal data to request information about our services, information related to our own activity, subscription cancellation methods, etc.
  • Professional career: where you provide personal data in order for us to assess your candidacy as employee or for conducting an internship in ACTIVA.
  • Interaction with the Website and with ACTIVA in social networks: through the use you make of the Website when browsing through it and through the interaction that you may have through the corporate profiles of the company in different social networks.


In order to be able to inform you with transparency and in detail about the purposes for processing your data, we have separated the information relating to each processing into independent tables. Thus, you will be able to find all the specific information of each processing that we carry out of your data in its corresponding table.

Each descriptive table of the corresponding processing collects the following information:

a. For what purpose do we process your data?

In this column, we will explain why and the purpose for which we process your personal data.

b. On what legal basis do we process your data?

This column explains the legal basis that allows us to process your personal data. The data protection regulations require that we have a basis legitimating such processing in order to conduct the processing. Thus, to process your personal details we base ourselves on 4 legal bases depending on the activity or processing that we carry out of your data. The legal bases for processing your personal data can be:

  • Legitimate interest: As a company, ACTIVA has a legitimate interest in collecting and processing your personal data in order to study and analyse the appropriateness of our website, products and services, if these adapt to our customers’ and users’ needs, or if on the other hand, they need to be modified in some specific aspect or if they can be improved to better adapt to those needs. It also has a legitimate interest in maintaining regular contact with you to keep you informed about promotional or advertising issues about your products and services. In any case, this legitimate interest is based on an analysis of the appropriate balance of our interests in dealing with your personal data and your rights and freedoms. The result of this analysis will determine whether or not we can use your personal details for the processing described in this Privacy Policy (except for the processing of segmentation and profiling for sending commercial communications, for which we require your express consent).
  • Compliance with legal obligations: ACTIVA as a company, intervenes as data controller of your data and that is why we must comply with a number of obligations imposed by accounting, tax, consumption, etc. regulations. In cases when the legal justification of any of our processing fulfilling a legal obligation, your refusal to provide us with any personal data that is legally binding will imply the impossibility of contracting products or services with ACTIVA, since doing so would entail a breach of the regulations that we are subject to.
  • Your consent: Should ACTIVA wish to process any of your data without legal justification according to any of the reasons explained above, we will request your consent beforehand for said processing. In any case, we hereby inform you, that in such cases you may always withdraw your consent.

c. How long do we keep your personal data for?

In this column you will be informed how long your data will be stored for in an indicative way. The time during which your personal data will be conserved will always depend on the processing that is carried out on your personal information. You must bear in mind that certain accounting, fiscal, consumer, data protection and contract regulations may force us to keep certain customer and user data for a certain amount of time.

d. What are your rights?

This column describes the rights you can exercise over your data, based on the processing that is carried out on them. You should bear in mind that depending on the legal basis legitimating the processing of your data, your rights may be limited. This aspect is broken down In the following.

Below is a breakdown, in even greater detail, of the different processing that ACTIVA makes of your personal details:

1. Contact form.

For what purpose do we process your data? On what legal basis do we process your data? How long do we keep your personal data for? What are your rights and how can you exercise them?
To process your request, consultations and / or subscription to ACTIVA correctly.

To manage any incident and / or doubt related to the service you have hired or that you are interested in hiring.

To provide a customer service answering and solving questions, queries and requests for information through the different channels available.

To detect and prevent fraud or any illegal action or use.

To submit surveys and assessments of products, events, etc.
To perform the existing commercial contract between ACTIVA and the client. Your personal data will be processed by ACTIVA while the service contract subscribed by ACTIVA and the client is in force.

Subsequently, the personal data provided will be kept duly blocked during the legally established limitation period for the actions that may arise as a result of or related to the service contract subscribed by ACTIVA and the client.

Once the maximum period for processing the data has been reached, ACTIVA will anonymise or delete the user's personal data.
You have the right to access, rectify and delete your data, in addition to other rights, as explained in the additional information.

2. Analysis of customer and user data for statistical and business purposes.

For what purpose do we process your data? On what legal basis do we process your data? How long do we keep your personal data for? What are your rights and how can you exercise them?
To analyse the use and advantage made by customers and users of the Website and of the products and services offered by ACTIVA.

O make reports and business statistics.

To improve the Website and the products and services offered by ACTIVA and to adapt them to the change of trends in client and user activities .
ACTIVA's legitimate interest in knowing and analysing its activity and business efficiency. Your personal data will be processed by ACTIVA during the validity period of the corresponding promotion and its claim period.

Subsequently, the personal data provided will be kept duly blocked during the legally established limitation period of the actions that may arise as a result of or related to the sales-purchase contract subscribed by ACTIVA and the client.

Once the maximum period for processing the data has been reached, ACTIVA will anonymise or eliminate the user's personal data.
You have the right to oppose the processing of your data for statistical and business analysis purposes by sending us an e-mail requesting this to GDPR@activa-ac.com.

Furthermore, you have the right to access, rectify and delete your data, in addition to other rights, as explained in the additional information.

3. Maintenance of updated deletion lists to prevent being contacted if requested by the client or user.

For what purpose do we process your data? On what legal basis do we process your data? How long do we keep your personal data for? What are your rights and how can you exercise them?
To maintain an up-to-date list of all customers and users who have requested the deletion of their data or at some point have opposed our sending of commercial communications. Legal obligation: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, concerning the protection of private individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of this data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC, requires us to respect your rights and keep evidence of our compliance with your request to exercise your right of cancellation. We will keep your personal data during the legally established period for filing any claim in relation with any eventual effective or deficient response from us to any right of deletion or opposition that you have exercised.

Once the maximum period for processing the data has been reached, ACTIVA will anonymise or eliminate the user's personal data.
The rights described in this privacy policy are limited because this processing is based on a legal obligation as explained in the aforementioned section.

4. Analysis of the use, operation and improvement of the web.

For what purpose do we process your data? On what legal basis do we process your data? How long do we keep your personal data for? What are your rights and how can you exercise them?
To recognise the user when s/he returns to the Website.

To enable sharing contents of the Website through social networks and communication channels.

To adapt the Website to the type of device used by the user.

To adapt the Website to the personalisation criteria chosen by the user and remember them.

To study potential improvements to the Website to optimise the usability experience and implement them.

To show the content of the Website correctly as requested by users at all times.

To enable the possibility of sharing Website content on social networks.
Users consent. We will keep your personal data for the time required by each type of cookie until you withdraw your consent or exercise your right of opposition.

Once the maximum period for processing the data has been reached, ACTIVA will anonymise or eliminate the user's personal data.
You have the right to access, rectify and delete your data, in addition to other rights, as explained in the additional information.


Below are the rights that you can exercise as website user:

Right to access

You have the right to have ACTIVA confirm if they are processing your personal data or not, and in such a case, you have the right to know which data are being processed.

Right to rectification

This involves the possibility of you being able to modify any inaccurate or incomplete data, stating which data you wish to have modified in the rectification request.

Right to objection

You can object to our processing of your data at any time. You have the right to object at any time to your personal data being subject to processing based on the company’s legitimate interest, for reasons related to your particular situation. ACTIVA will stop processing personal data, unless we accredit legitimate reasons for the processing that prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms, or to formulate, exercise or defend claims.

Right of deletion

This right allows the deletion of your personal data. The data will be kept blocked in a way that prevents their processing, without prejudice to their availability to public administrations, judges and courts, for attending potential liabilities arisen from the processing during the limitation period.

Right of portability of data

You have the right to copy and transfer data from our database to another ACTIVA processing. This right may only be exercised when the processing is based on the performance of a contract or on its consent and when the processing is carried out by automated means.

Right to limitation of processing

This right allows you to ask us to suspend the processing of your data when:

  • The accuracy of the data is challenged, while ACTIVA verifies that accuracy.
  • You have exercised your right of opposition to the processing of your data, while verifying if ACTIVA’s legitimate reasons prevail over yours as data subject.

Likewise, this right allows you to request ACTIVA to keep your personal data when:

  • The data processing is unlawful and as an interested party, you oppose the deletion of your data and request instead a limitation of its use.
  • ACTIVA no longer needs your personal data for processing purposes, but needs them for formulating, exercising or defending claims.

How to exercise these rights?

You may exercise your right by sending your request to the following e-mail address GDPR@activa-ac.com or by post, by written and signed request, accompanied by a photocopy of your National ID card (DNI) or passport, addressed to the following address: Avda. Roma 157 3,08011 Barcelona.

Likewise, please be informed that if ACTIVA has not correctly fulfilled the exercise of your rights, you may submit a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). If you require more information about this right and how to exercise it, you can address the AEPD:

Tel. 901 100 099 y
C/Jorge Juan,6 28001 Madrid


ACTIVA does not disclose the personal information you provide us through the channels described in section four, unless it is required to provide the contracted service such as communication to payment platforms, banks and companies in order to process transactions.

Likewise, we may communicate your personal data, following a legal requirement or a basis legitimating a communication to courts or public administration agencies.

Other potential third parties to whom we can communicate your data, prior legal requirement or basis legitimising such communication:

  • Legal counsel
  • Courts
  • Tax administration
  • Government and public administration agencies
  • Law enforcement authorities and forces
  • File managers who, in order to provide the necessary services, must access certain information and / or personal data. As an example, transport and courier companies in charge of taking your order to the address requested are file managers. The data may be transferred to suppliers with access to data with whom the obligations and responsibilities taken on for processing the data are formalised, acting as File Managers. ACTIVA subscribes the corresponding file management contracts that include due guarantees regarding the processing of personal data, confidentiality and cancellation, destruction or return.


In order to ensure a fair and transparent processing of your personal information, we adopt the appropriate procedures that include implementing technical and organisational measures that take into account potential risk and correct any inaccuracies identified in the personal data processed, so that the risk of any error is minimised, processing your data fairly and safely.

All the information you provide us with is stored on secure servers. Unfortunately, the transfer or communication of information via the internet is not completely secure. Therefore, once we have received all your information, we will use strict security procedures to try to prevent any unauthorised access.

Likewise, we make sure that our service providers also have appropriate security standards to protect the personal data they have or may have access to, in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation.


This Privacy Policy may vary over time due to possible changes in criteria followed by the competent control authority as regards data protection at any time. ACTIVA reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy in order to adapt it to these criteria, and to any jurisprudential or legislative novelty.

Latest version: May 2018.


If you have any queries about the processing we perform on your personal data, write to GDPR@activa-ac.com.


ACTIVA uses information security techniques that are commonly accepted in commercial practice, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms, all with the aim of preventing unauthorised access to data. To such end, users / clients accepts that the supplying party obtain data for recognising these access controls.


This website is owned by ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. The intellectual property rights and exploitation rights of this website, its pages, screens, the information they contain, its appearance and design and any hyperlink to other websites belonging to any subsidiary and / or company in which ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. Has an interest, are its exclusive property, unless otherwise expressly specified. All names, designs and / or logos, and products or services offered and shown on this website are brands that are duly registered by ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P., by its subsidiaries and / or by the companies it has an interest in or by third parties. Any undue use thereof by persons other than their legitimate owners and without the express and unequivocal consent thereof may be denounced and pursued with all legal means existing in the Spanish and / or European Union legal system.

Intellectual property rights and third-party brands will be clearly indicated and must be duly respected by everyone who accesses this website. ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. declines all responsibility for the uses that users may make in this regard; the user being exclusively liable.

Contents may only be downloaded or copied, and pages may only be printed from this website for personal and private use. It is forbidden to copy, transfer, modify or delete any information, content or warning in this web without the prior written consent of ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P.

The contents offered by ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights and are the exclusive property of ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. or of the private individuals or legal entities on which we inform. The purchase of a product or service does not imply that ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. grants the buyer any right of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public dissemination thereof; ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. reserves all such rights. Any transfer of the aforementioned rights must be made with the written authorisation of the owner, in such a way that the client cannot make the contents available to third parties.

Intellectual property includes, in addition to the content included in ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P., all graphics, logos, designs, images and source codes used in its programming.

ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. has obtained the information and materials included in the website from sources that are considered reliable and, although sufficient measures may have been taken to ensure that the information contained therein is correct, ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. cannot guarantee that the information is accurate, complete and updated at all times and in all circumstances; so it should not be taken for granted that it is so. ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. expressly declines all responsibility for errors or omissions of the information contained in the pages of this website.

ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict, without prior notice, the content of the website, links or information obtained through them. Under no circumstance will it take any responsibility arising from the incorrect use of the website by the user, both in terms of information and services contained therein.

Under no circumstances may ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P., its branches and / or work centre, managers and / or lawyers, employees and, in general, its authorised personnel, be held liable for any type of damages, losses, claims or costs, when these arise, directly or indirectly, from the use and / or dissemination of the website or the information acquired or known through it, or from any computer virus, operational failure or interruptions of the service or transmission, or connection failures when the web is being used, either directly or through links or other means, this being a warning to all users that the aforementioned events could happen.

ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. takes no responsibility for the websites that are not owned and that users have been able to access through links, or any content made available to third parties. Any use of links or access to a website other than its own, will be made according to the user's own will and at its own risk. ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained through any link, and will not be held liable for any losses, claims or damages arising from the use -or improper use- of a link, or information obtained through it, including other links or websites, for any interruption of the service or access, or for any attempt to use or incorrectly use a link, both when connecting to the website of ACTIVA & CONSULTORIA, S.L.P. and when obtaining access to information from other websites from it.


The applicable Law in case of dispute or conflict related to the interpretation of the terms and conditions of this legal warning and to any other matter related to the services provided by this website will be Spanish Law.

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